We help forward-thinking clients succeed in digital culture with work that invites active attention.


  • Our core services span four key disciplines:

  • Strategy is the foundation of every project. It can be rooted in culture, channels, business or audience insights; our only requirement is that it has to be actionable.

  • Our Creative department invents, design and build digital campaigns and experiences with an equal focus on concept and execution.

  • Whether it’s original video, photography, copy, or music, our nimble approach and close-knit network of partners lets us deliver incredible Content at a range of budgets.

  • Our Technology team delivers beautiful, efficient code, as well as some of our smartest ideas.


We currently employ 100+ full-time staff across our five offices. When we combine forces with our sister companies Stinkfilm and Stinkstudios, we offer interactive, creative, content and production capabilities in ten cities across five continents.


Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the world’s most formidable production studios, agencies and startups.

  • Arnaud Tanielian Creative Developer
  • David Navarro Creative Director
  • Satu Pelkonen Art Director
  • Erik Taheri Developer
  • Timothee Roussilhe Creative Developer
  • Sean Manion Producer
  • PJ Ahlberg Director of Technology
  • Nate Skinner Head of Strategy
  • Mark Pytlik CEO
  • Luciana Alamo Producer
  • Lauren Saunders Producer
  • Lauren Keller Producer
  • Hannah Howard Studio Manager
  • Chris Mele Managing Director
  • Alvin Tham Producer
  • Liz Wells UX Designer
  • Ben Hughes Executive Creative Director
  • Sylvain Theyssens Art Director
  • Ryan Darden Financial Director
  • Mathias Van Impe Developer
  • Nickie Kuhn Producer
  • Alex Sturtevant Executive Producer
  • Erica Kung Executive Producer
  • Gerhard Stiene Strategist
  • James La Marre Developer
  • Jessica Hägg Designer
  • JP Gary Creative Technologist
  • Linn Livijn Wexell Art Director
  • Maggie Bryan UX Designer
  • Marta Nelson Producer
  • Maxime Rimbert Designer
  • Patrick Krulik Executive Producer
  • Manny Vivoda Developer
  • Vinesh Shah Producer
  • Sorcha Lewis PR and Marketing Manager
  • Arpad Ray Technical Director
  • Alessandro Pula Executive Producer
  • Blue Bushell Art Director
  • Cameron Temple Creative Director
  • Carolyn Taylor Producer
  • David Rosser Developer
  • Ellie Genard Developer
  • Godart Raets Visual Effects Designer
  • James Britton Managing Director
  • Jax Ostle-Evans Executive Producer
  • Kiko Seiz Designer
  • Matteo Belfiore Developer
  • Rhianon Taylor Producer
  • Sian Mulligan Production Assistant
  • Tim Gardiner Senior Visual Effects Designer
  • Viggo Morck Senior Visual Effects Designer
  • Jeremy Taylor Strategy Director
  • Aleks Wnuk Creative
  • Hugo Ferradás Creative
  • Alex Poole Executive Producer
  • Miriam Patience Intern
  • Max St. Hill Intern
  • James Oldfield Intern
  • Tiphanie Champion Assistant Executive Producer
  • Jonas Folletete Lead Front-end Developer
  • Bruno Muszynski Producer
  • Rodney Paul Art Director
  • Benjamin Laugel Managing Director
  • Jacinte Faria Executive Producer
  • Anthony Tran Creative Developer
  • Iliana Espineira Executive Producer
  • John Mendoza Producer
  • Yego Moravia Creative Director
  • Nick Fearnley Art Director
  • Tim Blount Associate Creative DIrector
  • Sean Patrick Quinn Producer
  • Steven Olimpio Art Director

The Network


We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the world’s biggest and most interesting brands:


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  • 109


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